Glastonbury may have only been away for one year… but I’m pretty certain that we are all ready for its return in 2019! The festival is one of a kind in its variety of music genres, activities and audience. The festival is one of a kind and the 26th-30th June can’t come round soon enough!

 The music and arts festival had a year off in 2017 in order to give Worthy Farm in Somerset, a chance to recover from the past years use! But whist the UK’s biggest music festival has been away, it’s been very easy to come up with a long list of reasons as to why we love this festival!

Glastonbury is a music festival that wets the appetite of any music lover because of its ability as a festival to catapult you from being in day to life into a world of magic at a music festival such as Glastonbury.

So one of the first reasons we LOVE Glastonbury is because it gives the platform to go into your own parallel universe of complete madness. It’s a festival that can offer all your entertainment needs and as soon as you go, no other festival can compare to it.

2017 – The crowd arriving for the festival.

 The world of music is ever expanding, and this has coincided with GlastonburyIt’s clear, as headliners have now spanned across all genres with great VARIETY! With over 15 stages of all sizes, your never more than 10 minutes away from a new world of music genres.

 This element of variety is something that huge Glastonbury fan, and local ‘Glastonbury raised’ girl, Ellie Parker loves so much about the event… “Since going in 2017 it opened up my eyes to how Glastonbury is more than just music, its Eco-friendly, family orientated and I LOVE Somerset, where my family live / I was brought up!”

Somerset Village.



 Glastonbury’s landscape of the crowd is littered with internationals flags, wild outfits and groups of friends in all age brackets. At Glastonbury you are able to see people from all backgrounds in one stunning setting of creative and artistic magnificence.

 Worthy Farm has played host to some of the biggest music artists that have ever lived, and another reason to love Glastonbury is the hype generated when guessing who may be the headliner year on year.

Pyramid Stage.

 To add some form of credibility to what I’m saying, I spoke to someone who you could deem is a bit of regular to the festival after going 20 times whilst being a music agent at CAA in London, Paul Franklin.

Favourite headline performance –

  • It has to be Pulp, everyone was looking forward to seeing the stone roses and they gave everything they had when covering for them. They killed it and they were the unexpected success.
Pulp @Glastonbury 2011.

Have you personally had any memorable artists play the festival?

  • “There are so many stages an is such an eclectic festival, a lot of people that go to Glastonbury (150,000) but not the main element is music, its about being part of the experience”
  • ” Its an achievement to see an artist, like James Bay go from the smallest stage to the pyramid stage. Great to take on artists from 10 people to 100,000 at Glastonbury, side of stage you see them in front of 100,000… like a proud parent moment!”

If you could sum up Glastonbury in 1 word, what would it be?

  • If I could use 2… “An experience”
‘Arcadia’ @Glastonbury.

 Glastonbury is a festival we all love, and I do hope these pointers as to why I believe we love Glastonbury, can make you all realise how lucky we are to have it as on of our own.



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